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RAB Firearms Training and Consulting
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 by Shawn, NJ LEO

I thought your class was extremely helpful! I think a struggle I’ve had even as a firearms instructor was “anticipating“ but adjusting my grip and focusing on using just the trigger finger was very helpful. The emphasis on being target focused with red dots was also a huge help. It’s hard for me to give any negative criticism because we had a ton of reps and I took a lot of value from all the info you gave us. I especially liked that you gave us dry fire reps and so we could watch our sights as we pulled the trigger. I think everyone can agree that practicing those good fundamentals on the dry fire helped us much more doing it live. Truly one of the most helpful trainings I’ve taken. I wish more guys could get this training early in their careers because I think it fixes a lot of those bad habits we develop. Thank you for everything.

 by Matt, NJ LEO

I can honestly say I was pretty stunned with how well your technique worked specifically two points: squeezing the shit out of the grip with my left hand and primarily the stare-at-your-target technique. I was practicing again today on pie plates and it’s funny how after 16 years of solid shooting I’m able to improve in one 8hr class. I’m honestly at a loss for critiquing your class. It was great. Limited to no down time, lots of shooting, clear construction, relaxed atmosphere. I teach a lot at our department and ran swat training for 2 years and I’m telling you keep doing what your doing.

 by Kim Shearn

Having a firearm in my home was taboo for as long as I can remember. With changing times and push from my husband, the idea changed. Knowing there was a handgun in the house was hard enough, but feeling comfortable with it and actually learning to fire it was an obstacle I wasn’t prepared for. My instructor Rich Bruno was able to give me the boost I needed to conquer that obstacle. Rich has a way about him that put me at ease and made me receptive to learn. I think his level of knowledge along with his guidance and patience was the perfect combination that I needed. Having him, I was able to overcome my fears and go from NO to NOVICE in less than 2 hours. Easing into it by going over the safety dynamics and the gun itself before actually firing was the runway I needed. I cannot thank Rich enough and can’t wait for the next session!

 by Chris, NJ LEO

Rich has been a constant source of support and confidence through my law enforcement career. As someone who failed my very first police academy due to firearms, I was willing to try anything. I got in contact with Rich who was 100% confident he could fix my problems. After a few lessons and tips, the change was night and day. I finished 2nd for the firearms award in my next academy class and am a very consistent shooter during departmental firearms qualifications year after year. Rich is always there to take a call or text about anything you need and I can promise you will not be disappointed with your results. You will not only gain a mentor and teacher but a friend in the process. CANNOT. RECOMMEND. ENOUGH.

 by Anonymous, NJ LEO

I couldn't find an instructor I connected with, until i met Rich Bruno. After speaking with him, we met for a 3 hour private session. I've always struggled with my trigger pull. An hour into the session, I was making shot after shot from the 25 yard line. Up until that day, I have never left the range feeling confident. i highly recommend taking Rich's class or a private session. I look forward to my next range day with Rich.

 by Allison, NJ LEO

I took RAB Firearms Female LEO tactical pistol class on 4/1/21. Rich ran the class so well, and in my opinion, it was perfectly geared towards female LEOs. He had us stress shooting, moving and shooting, and shooting multiple targets. With a class of 12, Rich was able to focus on each Officers abilities, make adjustments and give individualized attention to any problem areas. This was undoubtedly one of the best firearms classes I’ve taken. Overall I walked away from class feeling so much more confident with my shooting skills and will definitely be planning to attend any future classes I can.

 by Jim Shearn

I finally made the decision to purchase a firearm, but had no idea where to start. Having Rich Bruno was essential in the process. In a space I knew little to nothing about, he was able to couple his knowledge, passion and patience to help me make the correct decisions for me and my family. From the application to selection, and even in-person visits to firearms retailers. Rich made an overwhelming task fun and easy to navigate. His hands-on approach with my purchase led to me hiring him to help myself and my wife with the safety and training part. My first lesson built my confidence and increased my comfort level. I was so impressed with him it led me to reach out to him to do to a home security assessment of my home. There were so many things I couldn’t have and wouldn’t have known without his expertise and attention to detail. Myself and my family are indebted to him, my home is safer, and I look forward to my next level of instruction.

 by Anthony, NJ

The instruction at RAB firearms is second to none. Professional, informative, and attention to detail are only a few of the attributes you'll find at RAB. In my first session I saw a drastic improvement in my skill level. As well as waking away with an expanded knowledge of firearms systems, the law and most importantly, safety. Rich goes above and beyond to make sure his students get the most valuable training.

 by Austin, NJ

Rich is an instructor that truly cares for his students success. He is very detailed oriented, professional, and personable. He diagnosed and corrected my issues with the rifle. Throughout the process, Rich was willing to go above and beyond to help me reach my goal of qualifying on the rifle. If you are interested in performing better on a firearm, I would highly recommend that you contact Rich.

 by Amanda, NJ LEO

The female LEO tactical handgun course was very helpful. A great atmosphere. Rich brought us out of our comfort zone which is what i appreciated the most. Moving and shooting was one of my favorite parts. I would recommend this class to every female officer. It will bring your confidence up to where it needs to be. I Can't wait for the next class!